Everything on Rightneed must be a Campaign.

A campaign is something with a clear end, like making an album, food for poor, a film, or a new game. A campaign will eventually be completed, and something will be produced as a result.

Every Campaign on Rightneed must fit into one of our categories.

Are those the only guidelines?

Those are the main ones, but read on for specific uses of Rightneed that are not allowed. We do a quick check to make sure they meet these guidelines.

Who can create a Campaign on Rightneed?

Creating campaigns is currently open to Indians over the age of 18. Businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations can also use Rightneed to fund their creative camapigns.

What is not allowed?

·        Rightneed cannot be used to sell equity or solicit loans

·        Campaigners cannot promise to donate a portion of funds raised or future revenue to a cause.

·        Offering rewards to Contributors is not a mandatory clause, its the gesture what Campaigner can plan and illustrate in description.                      

·        Rightneed cannot be used to fund e-commerce, and social networking websites.

·        Rightneed cannot be used to fund software campaigns not run by the developers themselves.

·        Rightneed cannot be used to buy real estate.

·        Campaigners cannot offer alcohol or tobacco as a reward.

·        Campaigns cannot offer genetically modified organisms as a reward.

·        No self-help material (books, videos, etc). This includes campaigns that offer (or produce materials that offer) business, emotional, financial, health, medical, sex/seduction, or other self-help advice.

·        No offensive material (hate speech, etc.); pornographic material; or campaigns endorsing or opposing a political candidate.

·        No tobacco, drugs, and drug paraphernalia; energy food and drinks; or nutritional supplements.

·        No contests, raffles, coupons, or lifetime memberships.

·        No bath, beauty, and cosmetic products; electronic surveillance equipment; eyewear (sunglasses, prescription glasses, and others); firearms, weapons, knives, weapon accessories, and replicas of weapons; medical, health, safety, and personal care products; or infomercial-type products.

How to Make your Campaign Succesful.

·        Once your campaign page is ready, it's time to reach out to your supporters! Here are some tricks of the crowd funding trade:

·           The FIRST THREE and LAST THREE DAYS of your campaign are super important. These periods are when your campaign gathers the most momentum. So get started!

·        Stage 1: Divide your social circle into an inner circle (friends, family, colleagues) and an outer circle (old friends, distant relatives, ex – colleagues etc.).

·        Stage 2: Reach out to your inner social circle first – friends, family and colleagues. They are most likely to give because, well, they love you. And because they can feel your passion for the cause.

·        Stage 3: Reach out to your outer circle next – old friends, distant relatives, ex – colleagues etc. When they see you've already got supporters giving to your campaign, it will make them want to join in as well.

·        Here's the funny thing – research suggests that when a campaign is closer to its goal, people feel their contribution will be more effective. So campaigns that already have some support tend to get even more support! This is the jumpstart your outer circle needs to make them want to give to your campaign!

·           Aim to get 25% of your funding goal through 10 – 15 people from your inner circle. Your outer circle should then help keep the momentum going.

·        Social media is great, but nothing beats direct contact (chatting face-to-face, direct emails, a personal Facebook or Whatsapp message). So when you begin touching base with your circles, direct, personalized communication is key! 

·           Social media is still your loyal pal, of course! Use your Facebook status, Twitter and other social media to talk about your campaign. Let the world know the cool stuff you're up to!

Oh, remember to always include your campaign page link in any communication!

About these guidelines

Rightneed’s mission is to help bring creative campaigns to life. The guidelines are never perfect, but we care deeply about trying to get them right. We aim to be as open as possible while protecting the health and creative spirit of Rightneed for the long term. We change some guidelines time to time please do check this space regularly. Thanks for reading.